How to make Wildflower Seed Packets for Wedding Favours

Let’s talk wedding favours!

Although not a necessity, they are a lovely little touch and can be a fun addition to your day. Ideally you want a favour that reflects the two of you. In our case we wanted something that was personalised to us and that wasn’t going to be harmful to the environment or result in a lot of waste. I’ve always loved the idea of seed packets as favours. A little something guests can take away and sprinkle in their gardens at home or a wild area to benefit local wildlife. It also works for adults and kids a like and is something everyone can do together. What’s not to love!

However, I was – as always – shocked when I was looking into options for these for our big day and found out how expensive they were! Browsing Amazon and eBay for just 10 packets were coming in at around £6 which isn’t bad if you’ve only got 10 guests, but let’s be honest, that will add up pretty quickly when you have a big family to invite! And really, what are you getting for that? Some seeds in an envelope. That’s easily doable yourself!

What you will need

Seed Packets or Money envelopes. I got 2 lots of money envelopes from Home Bargains for mine. They were only 59p for 50. If you specifically want a colour or white you can get them quite easily from other places such as Amazon, local supermarkets or Ebay. You can specifically get blank seed packets but I found the money envelopes work just as well. Though I think they might be a little smaller so maybe something to consider if this might bother you.

Figma. You’ll need to design your cover for the seed favours and I’d recommend doing this in Figma. I have previously written a blog post on what Figma is and how to use it so it’s definitely worth reading that one before you start. You can access it here.

Images for your design. It’s also worth having a look for SVG images you might want to include on your favours. You can find lots of these for free online or there are services where you can purchase images. For single purchases I’d recommend somewhere like Etsy. If you aren't sure what you're looking for try Googling it and you’ll find plenty of options which will usually redirect you to where they can be downloaded or purchased.

Google Fonts. Figma offers the full range of Google Fonts as text options for your design. However, it’s worth searching for ‘Google Fonts’ and having a look through for a few you like. Then make a note of their names so you can search for them later in Figma. You can select them in Figma later but it doesn’t offer you a preview and there are loads so you will be there for hours if you try each one.

Printer and A4 paper. Just an ordinary home printer and printer paper – nothing fancy.

Photo corners. Technically this is optional but I think it’ll make your job a lot easier if you’re doing a large number. An alternative would be to use sticky tape to fasten your envelopes down but every time you do a new set there’s a chance your envelopes may have moved fractionally and the printed design may be slightly off centre.

Wildflower seed mix. To fill your finished favours. Again you can get these from Home Bargains for about £1/£2 for a massive box that would likely do all your favours. Although that does also depend on how full you decide to fill them and how many guests you’re inviting.

Tip: If you’re making your favours ahead of time it might be worth holding off on filling them until the year of the wedding. It will likely depend on your chosen seed mix etc but the older the seeds are the less likely they are to germinate successfully. I’ve made my packets but will buy the seeds and fill them a couple of months before our big day next year.

Optional – you can add a ‘Thank you for celebrating with us’ or ‘Thank you for coming’ etc sticker on the back if you would like to.

Step one – Designing your front cover on Figma

I have posted previously about what Figma is, how to get started, and some basic functionality which might be worth a read before you get started if you’ve not sure it before. It’s available here.

I designed my favours to be specifically for bumble bees as my fiancé and I met through the dating app ‘Bumble’ and it seems very appropriate to have a little nudge to that in our day. I found a free bumble bee SVG after a quick Google search which I made the centre of my piece and then kept it quite simple with ‘Let Love Grow’ and Bumble Bee Wildflower Seed Mix’ below. I also added our names and wedding date lower down the design and aligned to the right.

Figma template

Obviously if you didn’t fancy a bee you could have an image of flowers, butterflies, a garden or something representing love. If you’re planning on your favours being specific to flowers from your day this might be an nice touch. For example if your wedding flowers are going to be sunflowers or poppies and your favours will be those seeds to match. Or maybe you want a few different images, it’s up to you. That’s the beauty of doing things yourself!

Your design also doesn’t have to be just plain black. This was my preference as the envelopes for the seeds were brown but obviously you could use colour. This might be a nice touch if you are having white envelopes. For coloured or brown packets it’s worth doing a trial print on one first just to check the colours come out as you’d expect before committing. If they are too dark on the brown or other colour envelopes it might be worth editing your design and printing a trial one again to make sure you’re happy.

Once I was happy with my design I exported it from Figma and saved it onto my computer.

Tip: make sure you unclick the ‘show in exports’ option so that the file you download doesn’t have a background. If you’re unsure what you’re exporting or whether you’ve turned the background off, Figma has a ‘preview’ button which will show grey and white squares if the background is turned off.

Step Two - Printing your design onto the envelopes

Paste the downloaded image into Word and duplicate it 3 times to fit equally spaced on a single line. Make sure you set the page margins to narrow to maximise your print area. Duplicate this on a subsequent line so you can print 6 envelopes each time.

Microsoft Word template

Note: I’d originally hoped to duplicate this on another rw to get 9 envelopes per page but when I tried to stick on the envelopes for printing I found that they were too big. If you are using smaller envelopes this may be something to consider though.
Print the designs onto an A4 piece of paper. This will be your template for printing the envelopes.

Place an envelope over each printed design and fasten them down with the photo corners. As discussed above, you could use sticky tape but be very careful as if it is removed too quickly (and if you are using expensive sticky tape that sticks better) it could rip the paper and/or the envelope. I did use a piece of sticky tape on the top row though just to keep it in place as the paper flipped around in the printer.

Apply printed design

Tip: If you’re using sticky tape for all of your envelopes it might be worth drawing in pencil around the position of each envelope so you can exactly duplicate the position on each subsequent print.

Once your envelopes are fastened in place put your paper into the printer envelope side down. Then print your design.

If you find that one or two of your printed envelopes are off centre adjust the positioning in the Word document to line them up better before you print the next one. You may end up with a few not so great ones at first but because the photo corners are staying in the same place once you have it perfectly right they’ll always be right. Obviously it’s not great to waste some but when 100 favours is costing around £5 it’s not going to do any great harm.

Printed envelopes

Option: if you would like you could also do a separate design for the back and repeat the process. Perhaps you could include directions on how and when to sow the seeds or a little thank you note. I plan to put a printed note inside ours with how to sow the seeds and a thank you for coming. I might also add a back garden bee identification card too.

Then all that’s left to do is add your seeds and seal the envelopes ready for your guests to take home! If you’re advanced DIYing, like me, I’d recommend waiting until a couple of months before your wedding to purchase the seeds. It should give them a better chance of germinating and being successful and it’s much easier to store empty envelopes.

Be creative with your seed choice! Perhaps you want some flowers in them which have been in your decoration or a flower mix which matches your colour scheme. When I have been looking for cheap boxes of wildflower mix I’ve found boxes of most common colour pallets which I think is a lovely option. Or if you are just doing it for the wildlife you can buy the ‘great for bees’ or ‘great for pollinator’ options!

Finished wildflower seed packet favours

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